With “coral surfing” you can surf above the coral, see the wonders that our oceans have to offer, cover a large area effortlessly and have fun, just like the dolphins do… You will never forget it.

Holding the SUBWING table you will be immersed in an underwater paradise.  You can reach up to 8/10 meters in depth, pulled softly along by a towline attached securely to a boat.  Experience the sea as never before and have a blast with Coral Surfing!

Crystal clear water, amazing reefs, corals and giant fish, starfishes, sea urchins, all this and more in a day dedicated to the sea and all its inhabitants.

Isla Colon – Bocas del Toro – Rep. de Panama’
Mobile: +507-64812576 or +507-64573476
e-mail: info@coralsurfing.com – booking@coralsurfing.com


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