If you want to take an Island Hopping Trips we have a great recommendation for you.  Besides offering trips with Christobal, our trusted boatsman who can take you to see all the island in the archepelago at a cost of $100 for the first 4 people and $25 per person thereafter or, you can make use of Boteros Unidos who offer a wide range of trips around the island with various stop off points along the way.  Take a look at the map to see which islands you can visit.

Boteros Unidos Tours

Feel free to contact them for tour prices and to book on telephone number 757 – 9760 or email them at  boterosbocas@yahoo.com



Island Hopping ToursTours On Offer Include:- 

Tour 1:-  Dolphin Bay – Coral Cay – Red Frog Beach

This is a great snorkeling trip with dolphin often popping up to the boats in Dolphin Bay and some really enjoying swimming on Red Frog Beach

Tour 2:-  Dolphin Bay – Coral Cay – Zapatilla Island

Zapatilla Island is within the national reserve and have some of the most spectacular beaches and snorkeling opportunities.  If you visit any of the outer islands, this is the one you shouldn´t miss!!

Tour 3:- Caracol Point – Starfish Beach – Drago Beach – Bird Island

Heading North to the best beaches that the Main Island  has to offer as well as some exciting bird watching opportunities near Bird Island, you´ll also love the huge number of large starfish in the shallows of Starfish Beach.

Tour 4:- Salt Creek Community – Old Point

Bastimentos is the most Caribbean of all the islands and visiting the native village is a step back in time.  Old Point on the Southern most tip of the island is ideal for snorkeling and has a fantastic array of corals and tropical fish to keep you mesmerised for hours in the water.


Feel free to contact them for tour prices and to book on telephone number 757 – 9760