While Saigon Bay may not have the best snorkeling that the islands have on offer, our guests have enjoyed free use of our kayaks and snorkeling gear to kayak to the mangroves just alongside the Smithsonian Institute property a short paddle away, or alternatively kayaking just outside of the bay where a collection of concrete poles have created a wonderful coral reef.

Both locations are an easy and fun kayak or paddle away and as we have snorkeling gear and life vests that you are welcome to use free of charge from our dock, allowing you to have a fun day out at no cost.

Snorkeling around the mangroves is unique in it’s corals and ocean life.  You’ll see a wonderful collection of smaller fish as they make the mangroves their nesting grounds along with starfish.  For a collection of tropical fish head out towards the cement posts to see the colors of the corals and fish come to life.  If you like a little excitement, laying down on the beach just at the beginning of the runway when the planes come into land is a thrill not many get to experience.